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Netflix, The World’s most famous entertainment Platform. Nextflix series has magic because whenever you start watching 1st episode of a series you can’t stop your self from clicking the next episode. Every episode has suspense and interest which makes us clicking the next episode. So, guys 8 most famous and amazing series are listed below.


  • Creator:- Baran bo Odar Jantje Friese
  • Seasons:- 1-(2017), 2-(2019), 3-(2020)
  • Type:- Scienceficition, Thrilled, Mystery
  • Not-Hindi-Dubbed
IMDB Rating:-8.8/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:-95%
Dark Web Series
One of the best German web series DARK. Dark is based on the complex relation of four families. It is difficult to understand who is whom father. As far you go with episodes you find how they related to each other. The story begins with a small boy Mickel of Winden, Germany. He traveled back in time and can’t go return and complexity starts with that. There are caves in the series which relates time 33 yers past and 33 years future. So Mickel traveled 33 years back in time and committed suicide on the day when he traveled back in time. I know you are thinking if he committed suicide then how would he traveled back in time. The whole series is full of suspense and secrets that’s why it is placed on 1st. Dark has gained a huge amount of fan and Nice IMDB rating and more. GO and WATCH NOW. If you are confused in the relationship of DARK then Netflix has explained all details with tree chart on DARK official site:-

Money Heist

  • Creator:- Álex Pina
  • Seasons:- 1-(2017), 2-(2018), 3-(2019), 4-(2020)
  • Type:- Spanish television crime-drama series
  • Not-Hindi-Dubbed
IMDB Rating:-8.4/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:-93%
Money Heist

Spanish television crime-drama series Money Heist is based on the heist. You got that from the title of series but the story is quite different and unique. In this series, the professor comes with the plan of the heist and collects people who are a local thief and call them with the name of cities to hide their identity from each-other. The Guy professor is the master-mind of the whole heist. He makes plans for every and each possible vulnerability. He was working on it for the last 20 Years. He told that it is not his plan. The idea of the whole heist was his father who died in the bank robbery. The heist the Bank of Spain and prints their own money. Professor trained every one of their heist member for every type of task even a bit of medicalization. It can’t be explained through this small article. It has a lot of suspense than every other series. So go ahead and watch it.

Stranger Things

  • Creator:- The Duffer Brothers
  • seasons:- 1-(2016), 2-(2017), 3-(2019)
  • Type:- Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Hindi Dubbed
IMDB Rating:- 8.8/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:- 93%
Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the American horror-based Sci-Fi tv series. In the series, Four children Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are close friends and one night Will disappears while coming from mike’s house. There was no trace of his disappearance. His mother complained to the police but nothing happened. His friends find a girl having a symbol on her hand 11. They call her Ele(Eleven). She has the power to find anyone with photo and she tells that will is in revers world. The mystery starts then. They go to find him but the place where he missed was strictly prohibited and was under private property. The girl eleven tells them that they open a portal with her help and there is something inside it who took Will inside it. The laboratory was the place where scientist trains child to grow their ability and get powers. Eleven was one of them who succeed to run from the laboratory. The boys keep the girl hidden in mike’s house and tries to find will with the help of eleven. It is one of the best Science Fiction series you must watch it.


  • Seasons:- 1-(Jan-2016), 2-(Sep-2016), 3-(2017), 4-(2019)
  • Type:- Crime Dramas, TV Dramas, Fantasy
  • Available in Hindi
IMDB Rating:- 8.2/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:- 87%

Lucifer is an American fantasy crime drama television series that was launched by FOX and series was canceled with three seasons. Netflix took the series and launched season 4 with a successful fan rating. In the series, Lucifer MorningStar, the king of hell comes to earth where he opens a night-club named lux. He is an angle so he has powers. His friend was killed by someone and he got angry for that so during the police investigation he meets Detective Chloe Decker and solves the murder case. Lucifer likes this work so he decided to work with Decker. His Angle bro comes to take him back to hell because there was no one in hell but Lucifer doesn’t want to go back. It is more amazing and fantasy with crime and drama.

Lost in Space

  • Creator:- Irwin Allen
  • Developed by:- Matt Sazama Burk Sharpless 
  • seasons:- 1-(2018), 2-(2019)
  • Type:- Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama
  • Hindi Dubbed
IMDB Rating:- 7.3/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:- 75%
Lost in Space

Lost in Space is an American Adventure tv series. The series is based on the journey to space center from the earth. In the journey, So many families are in the space-ship(Resolute). During the journey, there was an accident on resolute so everyone goes out of resolute. There is a family of Robinson whose ship was crashed on a planet. The planet was a bit the same to earth but it was dying day by day. Robinson family go for the search of other members of resolute and they all decided to stay at the same place and all they lost their fuel that’s why they can’t go back to resolute. All they were trying to find the solution to get back to resolute in mean Will Robinson a small boy finds a robot on that planet whose ship also crashed. He becomes the friend of Will Robinson but after a while, they came to know that there was an attack on resolute not accident and the Robot attacked on Resolute. They fear from Robot until Robot saved them from a giant monster on that unknown dying planet. It is so sensitive series everyone must watch it.

Sacred Games

  • Creator:- Vikramaditya Motwane
  • Seasons:- 1-(2018), 2-(2019)
  • Type:- Crime, Drama
  • Hindi TV Series
IMDB Rating:- 8.7/10 & Hindustan Times:- 4.5/5
Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the best Indian crime and thriller tv series. The series is inspired by a book. In the series, a police inspector Sartaj Singh called from Ganesh Gaitonde, the biggest gangster of Mumbai. Delhi intelligence taps the call and starts an investigation. Gironde told Sartaj that something big will happen in 25 Days but when Sartaj knows where Giatonde is hidden. As Sartaj reached there Giatonde committed suicide. The secret of 25 Days remains and he tries to find out. Sartaj had too many difficulties because of corrupt politics. Throughout the investigation, many governments and other illegal secrets reveled. As he finds the clues as it gets complicated. This is India’s most famous and loving series with two successful full seasons recommended to every Hindustani.

The Order

  • Creator:- Dennis Heaton
  • Seasons:- 1-(2019), 2-(2020)
  • Type:- Magical, Drama, Horror, Occult
  • Official Hindi Dubbed
IMDB Rating:- 6.8/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:- 100%
The Order

The Order is Original Series of Netflix. The Story is based on a secret magical society hidden in Belgrave University. The Secret society chooses students by giving them, Blue Rose. Jack Morton comes to Belgrave University and chose for The Order(Name of Magical Society). Chosen Ones are given task and the one complete task will be in the order. During solving the task he became a Knight of Saint Christopher. He became Werewolves who stop performing magic. Jack finds that Edward Coventry is Grand Magus of the order who is responsible for his mother’s death. So he decided to kill Edward Coventry and chooses to be a werewolf and stop him. It nice one series with magics. You must watch the web-series of NETFLIX.

Sex Education

  • Creator:- Laurie Nunn
  • Seasons:- 1-(2019), 2-(2020)
  • Type:- Drama, Comedy, 18+
  • Official Hindi Dubbe
IMDB Rating:- 8.3/10 & Rotten Tomatoes:- 94%
Sex Education

Sex Education is a famous British Television Series. Everyone in high school is not mature about sex. Otis noticed all they were having the wrong mindset about sex. His mother is a sex therapist. He meets a girl Meave who gives an idea to Otis that if he solves sex problems of his high school students with his mother’s therapy tips then they can earn money. They both agreed to this and starts to work on it. His high school students come to him with personal sex problems and for tips. While He falls in love with Meave but he hesitates to tell her. Otis gets more famous in his school and problems come to his own life with it. It is the story of immature youngsters who makes mistake and belives on rumors of sex.

So, Guys, This is all if you need more Netflix series comment down.

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