Top 5 Leading Technology of Future

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In this growing world, everything is moving digitally. In the race of technology which will be on the top in the Future. So let’s Look at the top 5 leading Technology of Future.

AI - Artificial Intelligence


What is Artificial Intelligence? Before we answer that let’s look at these terms individually so What do you understand by the term Artificial well it can be anything that is made by Humans things that are not natural and What do you understand by intelligence, is the ability to understand, think and learn. so what we get when we combine these two words (Artificial + Intelligence) artificial intelligence, is a board area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. The goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and create systems that can function intelligently and independently. You might listen that this is the age of AI but then you might be wondering then why don’t you see flying cars or robotic servants bringing you lunch. Why doesn’t your life look like the jetsons? Well for starters that’s a cartoon but when it comes to AI, a Robot is nothing more than a Shell Concealing which is used to power the technology. AI can manifest itself in many different ways. If you have ever asked Alexa to order your Food or browse Netflix Movie at that moment, you are interacting with AI without realizing it and that is kind of a point, is designed that you do not realize that there is a machine calling the shot soon. AI is expected to become a little less artificial and a lot more intelligent. As AI becomes more intelligent It will take on the role of an intelligent operator while most of the repetitive and largely time-oriented tasks can be automated using AI. We will still need human experts who can build and maintain these synthetic bots and work on the strategic and creative aspects of the job. In conclusion, AI is a boon that can help optimize any task which means that it is not AI vs Human rather it is a combination of Human and AI vs the Actual Problem Statement.

Big Data

Big Data

With the massive internet usage And other technologies such as IoT devices, mobile phones, autonomous devices like robotics drones, vehicle appliances, the volume of generated data is growing exponentially at an unprecedented rate. This constant increase in the amount of data generated has led to the emergence of Big Data. What is big data? Let’s keep it simple big data refers to a collection of data that is so huge and complex that none of the traditional data management tools can store it or process it efficiently. Big Data involves lots of data and have you ever think about just how big is Big Data. According to Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Now you might be wondering how big data tools managed to handle such a large amount of data. You have ever seen that Netflix offers you personalized recommendations from the library of thousands of movies and tv shows that are Big Data work. Big Data helps Netflix to predict that in which programs you may have the interest and recommendation systems influence 80% of the content we watch on Netflix. Shortly with the increase in the volume of data will grow bigger and The Demand for data management experts will shoot out the gap between the demand for data professionals and the availability will widen this will help data scientists and analysts draw higher salaries.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Everything nowadays is moved to the cloud running in the cloud accessed from the cloud or may be stored in the cloud. So, what exactly is this cloud? Simply put Cloud Computing often referred to as “the cloud” is a service that allows people to use online services that are generally available through any device with an internet connection. This means that the user does not need to be at a certain location to access certain data from computing and analytics to secure and safe data storage and networking resources. Everything can be delivered within no time so thanks to the cloud. The goal of cloud computing is to deliver these services over the internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economics of scale. Have you ever realized that you probably have been using different cloud-based applications every day? Whenever you share a file over the drive with your colleague through the web or using a mobile app and download a picture, watch a NetFlix show, or play an online video game all that happens on the go the best part. It saves a lot of money and time. You don’t have to buy any machine or install any kind of software everything will be handled by the cloud platform which is running these applications whether its google Microsoft or amazon. Many such tech giants have already switched from traditional computer hardware to more advanced cloud architecture. Not just these companies are the most popular cloud service providers in the market today. As more and more companies undergo strategic digital transformations designed to utilize the power of the Cloud they need more IT professionals and leaders with the expertise to extract the best business results out of their investments.

Cyber Security

cyber security

The onset of the digitalization era has opened up a lot of opportunities for everyone especially businesses and enterprises. From mobile banking to online shopping to reading news and books everything is just one click away but it has been rightly said that everything comes at a price the more you connect to digitally the higher the risk of security vulnerabilities for your sensitive and confidential data. Now the question arises how are companies securing this critical data and combating these threats? The answer is cybersecurity so basically what is cybersecurity? The body of technologies processes and practices designed to protect network computer programs and data from attack damage or unauthorized access or misuse of authorized assets. The goal of cybersecurity is to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect organizations and individuals from the intentional and unintentional exploitation of security weaknesses in the system. Suppose you loved a product on amazon and plan to buy it on your way to check out you are given options to pay through your debit or credit card or UPI with millions of users sharing such sensitive information over the platform. Ever wondered how amazon tries to secure this information and how Facebook and Google also manage to secure confidential information of its millions of users? Well from renewed privacy policies to security-focused patents to use of AI for data security. Each company is expanding its focus on data protection to encourage user trust with the increasing advancements in the digital world. Cybersecurity threats will keep getting more complex as hackers learn to adapt to security strategies. This will increase the widespread requirement of cybersecurity to companies that will be paying more than ever to land highly skilled cybersecurity professionals to secure their vulnerable assets from cyber attacks.

IOT - Internet of Things


The Internet Of Things or IOT is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react to the way we behave. From air conditioners that you can control with your smartphone to smart cars providing the shortest route or your smartwatch which is tracking your daily activities. IoT is a giant network with connected devices these devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated it’s all done using sensors. Sensors are embedded in every physical device. It can be your mobile phone electrical appliances Pecos barcode sensors traffic light and almost everything that you come across in day to day life. These sensors continuously emit data about the working state of devices but the important question is how do they share this huge amount of data? And how do we put this data to our benefit? So IoT provides a common platform for all these devices to dump their data and a common language for all the devices to communicate with each other data is emitted from various sensors and sent to IoT platform security IoT platform integrates. the collected data from various sources further analytics is performed on data and valuable information is extracted as per requirement. Finally, the result is shared with other devices for better user experience automation and improving efficiencies. Let us look at a scenario where IoT is doing wonders in AC manufacturing industry both the manufacturing machine and belt have sensors attached they continuously send data regarding the machine health and the production. Specifies the manufacturer to identify issues beforehand a barcode is attached to each product. Before leaving the belt it contains the product code manufacturer details special instructions etc. the manufacturer uses this data to identify where the product was distributed and track. The retailer’s inventory hence the manufacturer can make the product running out of stock available next. these products are packed and parcel to different retailers. Each retailer has a barcode reader to track the products coming from a different manufacturer. Manage inventory check special instruction and many more the compressor of AC has an embedded sensor that emits data regarding its health and temperature. This data is not allied continuously allowing the customer care to contact you for the repair work in time. This is just one of the million scenarios we have smart appliances smart cars smart homes smart cities where IoT is redefining our lifestyle and transforming the way we interact with technologies. The future of the IoT industry is huge business insider intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2021 and ITC predicts that IoT revenue will reach around 357 billion in 2020 Resulting in a lot of job opportunities in IT industry.

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